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etymology of transparent in japanese

etymology of transparent in Japanese

the word transparent is 透明 toumei composting between two ideograns 透 tou in chinese pronunciation in Japanese pronunciation is 透ける、透 sukeru o tooru that means is through and 明るい、akarui means light、lighted ,bright and luminous.

透明な|transparent; clear

透明なガラス|transparent glass

透明な水|clear water

無色透明な|colorless and transparent



透明体|a transparent body

透明度|(the degree of) transparency

この湖の透明度は30メートルである|The water in this lake is transparent to a depth of thirty meters.

透明(名・形動)▽透明な泉の水▽透明ガラス▽無色透明 ※「透明な声」「透明なまなざし」など、視覚的でないものにも用いるが、やや文学的な表現となる。

transparent fountain , transparent grass , colorless transparent,transparent voce and a look transparent this use for literal expression.

象形文字 (しょうけいもじ) shoukeimoji -shape letter

is a letter made of objet in abstraction imagine that will be come to a ideograms.


(かいいもじ) kaiimaji

is a letter combination between ideograms that will be a new means.


Exit + Move = Move out

etymology of word opaque


in Japanese opaque is “no transparent”.

is not clear the course or the thing that happening .

不透明な|opaque[oupéik]; cloudy

不透明 (な) ガラス|devitrified[dìːvítrifaid] glass / opaque glass

不透明体|an opaque body [substance]


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